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About us

The history of just medical traced back to the manufacturing of several medical devices since 1940s. Tianjin Dongfeng Medical Instrument Manufactory, which famous as the first national medical instrument factory was, established on the basis of 12 private companies such as Weida Industry, Mingji, Shuanghecheng Business and Baoxiang Company, etc in 1958. Until now, Just Medical has established five functional mechanisms: product development, manufacturing, marketing, training and service.

“Security and efficiency” are the basic requirement of all Just Medical products and services. In order to reach that point, Just Medical always focuses on product research and development, manufacturing, quality controlling, training service and we abide by the discipline that we pay attention to the ultimate and simulation experiment results; designing and manufacturing reduce the ratio of irrevocable factors ; strictly adhering to the matured quality-control system (CE、GMP、ISO); Repeating and strengthening the training service to form the effective habits.

In May 1980, Just Medical registered “JianPai” as our registered trademark that means “curing the illness and bringing health back to patients”. We put patients’ interests in the supreme position. Just medical sets it as our goal and keep it in mind. We take the new registered trademark “Just” that has the meaning of fitness and match, and the essence of “Just” is harmony between man and nature. It shows up in English form to seek the harmony and unify the past and the future.